Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Loafing on Father's Day

I usually write an entry to this blog every Sunday. But last Sunday was Father's Day and I decided to take the day off. I played golf instead. Eighteen holes. Had a blast. Then I just got lazy for the rest of the day, especially after a double serving of lasagna and a huge piece of coconut cake.

Anyway, I will get back to my regular schedule this week. Even if the weather's nice and I play golf again. I'll still write.

Sydnee, our editor at freshare, is a photographer, and a good one. She said it just amazes her to be able to see life in action and have the ability to freeze that image for all time.

For me, it's in the words. Always has been. I like being able to take a mass of letters, cajole them into words and combine them into a meaningful piece. And with those humble little letters, arranged just so, a writer can tweak an emotion, draw a tear or caress a smile.

How could I not love to write?